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Neck Pain

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Pain in the neck?

Having neck pain can be a real pain in the neck. Most neck pain come from nerve irritation due to inflammation from joint problems.

Neck pain usually comes from misaligned vertebrae causing inflammation which irritates the nerves. This happens from being in a job where we lean forward or sleeping on our front at night. Stress and tension also play a big part. Whiplash can also cause this.

Symptoms can be

  • Pain on turning
  • Shooting pain up the neck
  • Headaches from the base of the skull up
  • Symptoms down the arms (pins and needles, pain and numbness)
  • Stiffness
  • Pain in the top of the shoulders.

Chiropractors work to move joints back into position, reducing the inflammation irritating the nerves. This is very gentle with our hands or we use a tool called ‘the activator’ which lightly restores the joints healthy movement. The activator is especially good for younger children and the elderly.


We only take on patients we are confident we can help. We reassess your care regularly and if you are not improving as expected we will refer you for follow up testing or investigations.

Many people we see have osteoarthritis. The other names for this are spondylitis, rusting up or wear and tear in the spine. We find that just because your spine is a bit rusty it doesn’t mean it needs to hurt. Often the pain comes from a lack of movement, so like a rusty car, with the right moving parts and with a good oil your body can work better for you.

80% of our patients have had pain for many years and respond very well to Chiropractic care. Your body will always try and do it’s best to heal and we work with you to make sure our treatment and your lifestyle enable this to happen.

When we assess you we take a thorough history as back pain can also be related to other conditions which Chiropractic Care cannot help with. We will let you know in your results session if we think you will need to be referred for further tests or scans.

When we use our hands there is often a pop which is air being released within the joint. If you would like us to and it is appropriate for you and your case when may use this technique. If you don’t want us to we have many other techniques available that give the same results.