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Are you healing?


Are you healing?

Our bodies are amazing. Every day they are healing. They heal from damage to our skin, like cuts and bruises. Microtrauma’s, like repetitive strain damaging our muscles or tendons. Damage to our stomach lining from spicy food or a few too many glasses of wine. Most of the time we recover, but if the damage is faster than the repair we notice scars, pain or symptoms like indigestion. So how do we heal from this? Usually our bodies will recover from most damage in 6-8 weeks, but if we continue to do the same things; like certain sports, work or heavy socialising, then weeks of healing can become months or even years.

To repair we have to work to help our bodies function better. Then we need to change our habits to enable our bodies to heal long-term.

At Inspired Health, patients with the same problem often heal in 3 different ways. As it is Skiing season let’s think of it like the type of ski run we go down.

  • 1)  A slow and gentle run: They get better each day and their pain goes down every day. This is the most common expectation when patients start care, but is usually the least common as often we are helping you heal you are still working or training.
  • 2)  A gentle run, then bumps that get smaller each time. The pain goes for the same period of time and then comes back but at a lower level each time.
  • 3)  Bumps that are the same size but are wider apart each time. The pain goes for longer periods each time but is still the same level when you get it. This is when patients feel that they have relapsed, but actually they are improving as the episodes are less often.

So, does it matter if we all end up at the same place? If you are experiencing a lot of bumps it can be challenging while you heal. Therefore, our team will not only be interested in if you are in pain, but how often, for how long and at what intensity. Be reassured if the bumps are getting smaller or less often then you are healing.

Alexandra Cover

Clinical Director