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Dry Needling: What is it and does it hurt?


Dry Needling: What is it and does it hurt?

Dry Needling is a form of medical acupuncture. Traditionally acupuncture uses the energy, or "life force", of the body in patterns called meridians to help the body heal itself. Its use alongside Chiropractic Care differs from that of the ancient Chinese Medicine, and it is mainly used to reduce muscle spasm and to increase blood flow into muscles in the body that are chronically tight or have a lot of scar tissue.

This is how it works:

-A fine sterile pin is gently put into the muscle. This very rarely hurts and often patients say ‘is that it and relax’.

-The body say’s ‘what’s that?’ and sends blood to the area to heal and repair it. It’s a bit like when we get a splinter, our bodies automatically send blood to the area to start the healing process. The difference is the pin is fine and sterile so it doesn’t damage the tissue like a splinter would, it just attracts healing to the area.

-The chiropractor then leaves the pin in until, when turned, it moves freely, letting us know the muscle is now relaxed. This can take a matter of minutes.

-The body then continues to heal the area once the pin is removed. As with removing a splinter.

Dry Needling is most effective in practice when patients are unable to move due to a trapped nerve. To reduce pressure on the nerve, muscles go into spasm to guard and protect the body. We find Dry Needling a very effective way to quickly reduce spasm, without our patients having to move too much. Dry Needling is often a fast and easy way to get pain relief and help our bodies to move normally again. Then the Chiropractor can do the work needed underlying the muscles, to ensure the nerves heal fully too.

For more uses of Dry Needling and any questions please speak to one of our team.

Alex CoverClinical Director