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Hamstring Strains


With the likes of Jordan Henderson and Adam Lallana battling with hamstring injuries during the World Cup it seems even the elite are prone to them, but what is a hamstring strain?

Your Hamstrings are at the back of your thigh, they are easily ‘pulled’ or strained during fast overstretching movements such as a high kick. You may feel a sharp pain or pull at the time.

Hamstring strains are graded 1, 2 and 3:

Grade 1; you should still be able to walk and weight bear. You may feel tightness down the back of your leg.

Grade 2; you may feel the need to limp and weight bearing may produce a sharp pain. The hamstring may be painful to touch and some mild swelling noted.

Grade 3; this is a large tear. Weight bearing will feel challenging and crutches or support are often necessary. There will be noticeable swelling and bruising usually appears within 24 hours. The muscle is weak and any contraction will be painful.

Footballer with hamstring strain

Many athletes believe that a bit of rest will do the trick however research shows that if left untreated you are much more likely to re-injure the hamstring at a later date.

You should see your Chiropractor if you have injured your hamstring. We will take a history and do some specific tests so that we can grade your injury and make an appropriate plan of care. This will include soft tissue work, manipulation, dry needling, stretching and home exercises.

Runner with hamstring strain

You can help your body heal the strain by:

  • 1.Resting.
  • 2.Icing the hamstring for 15-20mins 2-3 times a day.

Normal healing time is 4-6 weeks however you should continue your exercises for 8-12 weeks.