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Is it nerve, muscle or joint pain?


Is it my bones, nerves or muscles causing my pain? As a Chiropractor a measure of a good results session is when I ask the patient at the end ‘if you had to tell someone what is wrong with you, what would you say?’, and the answer somewhat resembles that of a bone stuck, irritating a nerve. This leaves me with a sense of relief as, after 30 minutes of talking, this is one of the key messages I hope you will take away. Yes, there are many difference problems that can affect the spine, from slipped discs, to osteoarthritis, but in the main it comes down to this basic principle:

  1. A muscle tightens up
  2. The bone the muscle attaches to cannot move properly
  3. The Nerve next to the bone gets inflamed or trapped
  4. The muscles tighten up more, as the nerve that controls it cannot function properly
  5. The muscle and nerve generate pain to tell you there is a problem

Obviously this is a simplified version of events but you can see, usually the joints, muscles and nerves all have a part to play in any back problem. With our help you can work out how this has happened and what can be done to help the pain and prevent this

Alex Cover - Clinical Director