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Knee Arthritis? How can massage help


Knee Arthritis? How can massage help

Most commonly, when we have arthritis in a knee joint we have a reduction in the cartilage that stops the thigh and shin bones rubbing when we walk. This is usually in the inside of the knee joint. Accompanying this, is muscle and ligament tightness and knotting which causes additional pain. Fluid then gets blocked in these areas and the knee can then become swollen and painful.

Although massage cannot repair the cartilage, massage can:

-Encourage healthier blood flow, not only to the area being massaged, but to the whole body AND help reduce fluid retention.

-Reduce pain in the tight muscles and ligaments

-Decrease stiffness in the joint and therefore increase flexibility

-Reduce knotting in the muscles and ligaments to help the knee joint function better

-Reduce scar tissue in the knee post-surgery

So, whether you are waiting for a knee replacement; in recovery and need help with reducing scar tissue post operation; or at the very beginnings of knee arthritis, massage can help make day to day life more comfortable.

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