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Tennis Elbow – Why it’s not just Federer who might suffer.



Tennis Elbow (otherwise known as Lateral Epiconylitis) is caused by any activity that requires a gripping and twisting motion of the forearm – not just from tennis. The repetitive movements cause the forearm muscles to become inflamed where they attach to the bone on the outside of the elbow and you may feel pain here.

Tennis Elbow Infographic



You may feel anything from a generalized dull ache to sharp pain when the area is pressed. Pain at night is not uncommon and small tasks like carrying shopping bags may irritate it. If it remains untreated you may also experience weakness in your forearm.

Your chiropractors job is firstly to confirm it is tennis elbow by using Orthopaedic tests and listening to the history. We will use a combination of massage, trigger point therapy, manipulation and dry needling to help relieve your symptoms followed by exercises to improve strength.

Woman with tennis elbow



To aid your recovery:

  • 1.Refrain from the activity that caused the inflammation.
  • 2.Ice the outside of the elbow for 10-15 mins twice a day.
  • 3.Stretch – you Chiropractor will give you these.


Normal healing time is 4-6 weeks, you should continue your exercises for 6-8 weeks (even if the pain has gone) or until you are advised to stop.