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Why Santa doesn’t have back pain? An Exclusive Interview!


In a secret location, we at Inspired Health, were lucky enough to meet with Santa Claus! He took time out of his busy schedule earlier this year to explain why his back doesn’t hurt over Christmas. Here is what he had to say…

Santa, you have been lifting and carrying a lot of Christmas presents for many years. Why is your back not sore?

Ho ho ho. Here are my top tips:

  • -Firstly, I carry my gifts equally between each hand so my spine doesn’t tilt more one side or the other.
  • -Secondly, I try not to carry too much in one go. Carrying things from my sleigh to the chimney can be heavy, so I do more little trips, which means I don’t strain my back.
  • -Lastly, I ask the elves for help.

How do you manage to fit into all of the chimneys?

Well, some of this is just magic, but usually I go feet first which means I land nicely and don’t hurt my head or neck.

You, have to travel long journeys around the world. How do you keep yourself comfortable when you ride on the sleigh?

Usually it is not too bumpy in the sleigh because we are flying through the air, but sometimes the wind can cause turbulence. Rudolph is very good at avoiding this though. To keep comfortable in my seat I use a rolled up towel behind my lower back and make sure the reins are at shoulder height. I also take regular breaks. Families leave me sherry and mince pies and Rudolph and the other reindeer have carrots and magic reindeer food.

Santa, it is not legal to drink and drive in the UK. Is it okay for you to drink sherry?

I only have one sherry at the end of the night. I have thousands of helpers who are not driving so they usually have the sherry until I have given all the presents away.

Lastly, Santa, how do you know if we have been good girls or boys?

Ah…this is one of the privileges of being Santa, I am afraid. A special kind of magic…

Thank you Santa for all your hard work this year! And if you ever get any back problems in the future you can call us anytime.

Ho ho ho, that is good to know. Remember to put up you Christmas stockings and if you are good I will see you on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas, love Santa.

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