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Massage Therapy

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We take great care to ensure your comfort at all times. Gentlemen are asked to undress leaving their underwear on and women are asked to wear a bra and underpants. Should you feel uncomfortable, let us know as we can modify the massage so you can be massaged with clothing on.

Deep tissue massage therapists are experienced at working at a level that gives you the most benefit at a comfortable level for you. You should have a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

This depends on your diagnosis; how long you have had the problem; and your goal. Most people are staying in the same life situations so often need more than one massage to make an impact.

You may feel deeply relaxed or energised depending on the type of massage you have. We recommend you stay for 5 minutes after your massage and have a glass of water to help you ease back into the real world.

Sometimes you may feel an ache like you have had a workout at the gym. This is a good sign as it demonstrates healing in the muscles.